Kristina Balbin

Single Projects


single projects


Square Moves | Typography III

"Square Moves" was a newspaper project to promote a local cultural site. I chosen The Square, in downtown San Marcos, Texas, because it is full of history and almost all of the buildings that were in business in the late 1800s and early 1900s are still up and standing today. The newspaper compares what the buildings were then and now. The overall layout of the interior spread takes shape of The Square itself.



"Centennial of Wonders" | Typography II

"Centennial of Wonders" is an exhibition catalog celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the National Park Service. Contents of the catalog include an essay over the history of the National Park Service and facts and pictures about certain national parks grouped in geographical locations.



pitchfork music festival | book design

For this specific project we had to design an interactive book that would be distributed at the Pitchfork Music Festival that was conceptual to a song and its lyrics that we had chosen from a list. 
"Blowin' in the Wind" by Bob Dylan was my chosen song and I created this interactive book by designing a series of postcards that relate to the song's series of questions throughout the lyrics. Once flipped, the answer to the questions in the song reveal that it was there all along, just blowing in the wind. The back pages act like a puzzle that is meant to be put together.



Four years | book design

"Four Years" is a book I designed dedicated to my four years of college. It includes some of my best pictures and memories along with the stories behind chosen pictures.



FILL YOUR GLASS | book design

"Fill Your Glass" is an abecedarian accordion book showcasing different types of alcoholic cocktails and their recipes. A challenge given to us for this project was to create the book with a limited color palette chosen by chance. I had two colors only: a red and a light yellow. The cover page is conceptual to the title where pulling the sword fills in the rest of the text and the subtitle appears.