Kristina Balbin
Visual + Interaction Designer

Mermaid Tales



mermaid tales

ux/ui and ar


Mermaid Tales: a Mobile App using Augmented Reality to Preserve San Marcos, Texas' History

Mermaid Tales is an interdisciplinary, collaborative project creating a location-based mobile app using augmented reality to engage visitors and local residents as they explore the history of San Marcos, TX. This project is a site specific mobile app using augmented reality (AR) that brings a unique history back to life. It should engage with a general audience of visitors and local residents to discuss and preserve the history and culture of San Marcos, Texas. 


  • Preserve, engage, educate and explore the history of San Marcos
  • Invite community participation with personal stories and images
  • Utilize AR to create a digital augmented layer over the physical landscape and/or architecture.
  • Work with AR on as well as AR off.

Mermaid Tales is an app in collaboration with the Mermaid Society SMTX



User flow Map


paper wireframes

Mermaid Tales App


App Walkthrough

colors and typography


Logo Illustration: Designed by Matthew Rios
Mermaid Photos: Marie Albiges, Community Impact Newspaper