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Design is Healthy

typography & branding


design is healthy

typography and branding

“The role of designers in communication and visual culture is evolving, from designers serving as commercial ‘hired guns’ to assuming the more empowering roles of design authorship. It has become standard practice in design education to teach designers to develop their own voice and create self-initiated projects. The role of the designer can expand to being the author, producer, curator, network facilitator, activist, consultant, entrepreneur... the list goes on and on.”
—Steven McCarthy, The Designer As...


Going with the topic of "Designer as..." or "Design for...", I conceptualized a workshop and discussion series and created a typographic identity for an event series that started with a type lock-up and then expanded into an identity system. 

Design is Healthy is a two-day conference benefiting both designers and dietitians in their practice and daily lives. Among informative discussions over the importance of design or the importance of eating well, there will also be workshops about designing information for patients and workshops about healthy snacking and meals. 



Dietitians incorporate counseling sessions, educational materials, and presentations in their work. They rely heavily on images and info graphics to demonstrate serving sizes, nutrition labels, and other information to patients and clients especially when dietary information can be very confusing to process, understand, and interpret. 

Designers work on an endless variety of topics with many different clients. The food industry is a big part of the design world—whether its designing for a restaurant, corporate companies, or food packaging, the possibilities are endless. Designers, like many other people, may get carried away into their work that they don’t eat as well as they should sometimes.


For the Dietitians

These series of events will include discussions over the importance of design in a RD’s work as well as new trends in nutrition and how to go about them. There will also be mini workshops to help dietitians get a start on designing basic information for their clients. The dietitians can even walk away with some templates and simple guidelines to utilize in their work.


•  A need for design to benefit their practice
•  Information about new trends in the dietitian world.
•   A possible need for hiring outside designers


For the Designers

These series of events will include discussions about designers in the food industry and current trends that are happening. Dietitians will also give insight into things that they are struggling to communicate to their clients or the community. The dietitians will also talk about eating healthy in their busy lifestyles and discuss portion sizes. There will be workshops over making healthy and/or quick meals and snacks. Designers can also leave with new tools and apps to track their health including nutrient intake.


  • Inspiration for new projects about things happening in the health and food industry.
  • New tips about healthy eating and getting a good amount of nutrition throughout the day.
  • A possible need for seeking dietitians

creating the identity

Using a typographic approach in creating the identity, simply adding two extra bars in the "E" created measuring lines that related to food health. 


typographic identity gif


Folding Mailer

This would be sent out to design and dietetic professionals. Quick information about the conference as well as a schedule will be featured on it.

 Back (top) and Front (bottom)

Back (top) and Front (bottom)

 Interior Spread

Interior Spread

Portion Plates

 Portion plates are an easy way to keep track of food intake. These will be passed out to everyone attending the conference.

Portion plates are an easy way to keep track of food intake. These will be passed out to everyone attending the conference.


A notebook is a great way to take notes during the conference as well as the future to jot down nutritional ideas or start designing. 

Asset 2notebookp2.png