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Unite. Serve. Grow.

“The Amala Foundation unites people from all walks of life and inspires them to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity.”

“Amala offers safe, supportive and inspiring experiences where youth from all backgrounds come together to learn and grow. From youth summits to camps to leadership training, Amala’s programs promote personal growth, clear communication, deep listening, compassion and an ethos of service.”
—Amala Foundation Website


* This project was solely a UX/UI project done in an Interactive III class. A re-brand was not involved. 


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In order to build a stronger community among their youth and other users, the Amala Foundation would benefit from a mobile application to create a better, effective and efficient communication system within the community they serve.

App Goals

  • To create an online community
  • To be able to communicate to the right group of people (youth, parents/guardians, volunteers)
  • To allow the user to communicate to Amala and others within their community
  • To allow Amala to communicate with its users
  • To provide an easy registration process 
  • To provide updates via push notifications
  • To find sponsors since it is a nonprofit organization

Target Audience

The users of this app will more than likely be people who have already heard of the Amala Foundation and are committed to or want to know more about what they do.

The app will cater to a few users:
• Participants (mainly youth)
• Parents/Guardians
• Volunteers.
• Amala Staff


user flow map



App Prototype and User Flow


Walk-Through Video


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